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While I do agree with running amo limits. You can't compare BB's to bullets. Yes in an open area you should be able to cope at 1:1. However, an obstacle as simple as a leaf will cause a BB to deviate, where as a bullet would not. Real cap is not as simple as running 1:1 in the bush. This doesn't mean you need 2-3 times the amo count, but an increase from real bullet counts are in order.
.28s from a GBBR shooting .20 at 400 fps.. will break sticks as thick as your finger.. within 100 feet... leaves.. don't bother them much .. but again.. this has to do with effective range.. and the limitations of the weapon..and projectiles

you would not try to engage a target behind effective cover with a real gun.. you would suppress the targets movement and move for a clear shot. Why is this different with airsoft?
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