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Originally Posted by lurkingknight View Post
1 BB does not equal 1 bullet.
That is a straw man argument--

if ammo is limited, you operate within the parameters of that limitation and within the parameters of the performance of the gun.

it does not take more bbs to hit than it takes bullets if you operate within the capabilities of the gun.

obviously this translates to much closer engagements.

Essentially Firearms have 10 times the effective range of Airsoft guns.

so if you want to engage with a airsoft gun and have a similar chance of hitting you need to be 10 times closer. With a pistol, this is within 20 feet, with a subgun ( short barrel carbine ) within 50 feet and with a longer barrel rifle within 100 feet. With a very long barrel.. out to 150 feet.

Certainly you can hit at longer ranges, but often only with a volume of fire approach, the more rounds the more probable a hit will be outside of your effective range. This is exactly the same with real guns.. if you want to hit outside your effective range it will take a lot more rounds to get the result you want.

The issue is most people engage targets well outside the effective range of their guns.. and start a fight at range where you have to pour on a lot of fire to get a result.

So 1 bb = 1 bullet if you operate within the effective range of your gun.

This is exactly why airsoft guns suck as simulators for engagements in the open field or woodland, Where engagements happen at 5, or 6 times the effective range of the guns, but are excellent simulators for firearms for CQB where engagements happen within the effective range of the guns.

Incidentally, this is also why many players don't like CQB .. because the "Moar shooting" approach often fails and individuals with actual skill at arms prevail.
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