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Originally Posted by Basic-Wedge View Post
I understand why youths like AEGs, but older players should see the realism of of a gas gun as a huge plus.
You're instantly my favorite airsofter of the week.

As someone else mentioned there are a lot of Real Cap games in Quebec. The "push" for it started many years ago but the idea only started getting traction a few years ago, first as experimental games but the idea caught on with other organizers.

Different organizers have different setups/limits but as mentioned AEG users usually are made to load up their mags with ~32-36 BBs (most speed loaders will feed a constant number of BBs with each push, usually 4, so its easy to count); we also have a very large number of GBBR users. Total mag/ammo caps also make overloading mags less useful.

And as with everything else, cheaters must get the boot and the stigma of "cheater" makes other players and organizers scrutinize them even more, ultimately making rendering them persona non grata at most events if they are indeed found to be cheating regularly. Showing mercy to known cheaters is condoning cheating.

@CR0M: Good luck with getting real cap games, don't be afraid to push for it, don't back down. It's worth it.
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