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TWICE in the last 5 days now, my mailman has Pre-Updated the CP tracking site to say 'no answer at door'

He comes by my house at 1230~1330 every day for the last 5 years, these updates show up on the tracking site at like 0800~1000.

I have been home all day for the last week, and this week. I have a camera on my deck and my driveway. He does not even come up the driveway, just leaves the slip in my mailbox.

very very mad.


Called Canada post.
The lady I got in touch with said he put it in the system as attempted delivery at 1200h, its only 1100 right now...
They told me to wait and see if he tries to deliver, if not, call back and they will submit a complaint for me.

I should just print off the tracking page with a note that says ''I'M HOME, DELIVER MY PACKAGE!'' and leave it in my mail box, but then it would be so awkward when he comes to the door...

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