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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
Yet, when you have a gun that shoots 340 fps with 0.30g BB yet will chrony 180 with 0.20g because of the excessive resistance the hopup presents, you are not getting anywhere near an accurate measure of the gun. In essence, the chrony is useless and a complete and utter waste of time.
Dunno what setup would produce those results; I've played with .30 for years and have never witnessed anything even remotely like that.

I somewhat agree that a super strict chrony limit (max 400, 401 you're a no go) is pointless, moreso since FPS will vary slightly with altitude and weather conditions, and the energy being carried over range is different based on BB weights, etc. It does have value as a guide though: if someone is chronying 430 w/ .20s then there's a problem that needs to be looked at and I think that's the real purpose of it, not normalizing velocities across all players.

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