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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
The field limit is the FPS the gun shoots while playing: it would be pointless and utterly asinine to force players to "unset" hopup for chrony, specially considering how much time/effort goes into tuning hopup properly. I've never seen anyone do that.

10fps is pretty negligible and most places I play would allow it with a warning (YMMV).
Yet, when you have a gun that shoots 340 fps with 0.30g BB yet will chrony 180 with 0.20g because of the excessive resistance the hopup presents, you are not getting anywhere near an accurate measure of the gun. In essence, the chrony is useless and a complete and utter waste of time.

I have argued for years that chrony is meaningless, it should be an energy measurement. Then, you leave the hopup were it is, you chrono with the BB weight you actually use and your energy is the limit, not the velocity.

ASC even has a nice colour chart for this purpose. I printed it off, laminated it and it goes everywhere my chrony does.
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