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if you don't want our honest opinions then don't ask, you see if your on this forum your here for a reason. To learn about airsoft. Have you never been on a team before ? Your the new guy, if you want to be spoon fed it is not going to happen frankly. Get a girlfriend for that. I don' t give a flying fuck if I offend you or not.....but I will answer your question:

The g 36 is a fine gun it is easy to upgrade externally as well as internals. As for why you want to upgrade it internally.. if your just starting out there is no need your luck if half your shots are onb target to start with..give it a season before you upgrade the internals and by that time your gun will probably need a tune up anyways. Take this with a grain of salt but if your feelings are as frail as glass then airsoft may not be for you. Besides this is the internet we're all tough here ;-)
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