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For example, an FTW at $3000 isn't any better than a PTW at $2000
In fact, one could argue that the quality of the FTW is actually worse based on the evidence that's been found.

Generally, in airsoft and dealing with gear, more money means higher quality. But especially with certain brands of gear, sometimes you're paying mostly for the name rather than the quality.
Another example is blackhawk gear. Their PCU's are $460 for a set, but they're a weird cut and are very prone to abrasive wear, they're certainly not $380 superior to the $80 repro set. And to underline the fact I bought my blackhawk set on sale for $150 lol
And propper with their $600 multicam softshell, bought mine on supersale for $150 and they still made money on it. It's literally just one layer of treated nylon, probably doesn't cost them more than $40 to make it.

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