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Originally Posted by TANNER View Post
Interesting. I have found that most stock guns come shooting well over 350 these days, A few recent purchases even came in at 450. Does TTAC chrono the stock guns that are brought by players?

Most of the upgrades I do out of the box to an AEG are aimed at getting it as close to a stock PTW at a highly reduced cost, rather than upgrading the FPS. For an indoor gun all these upgrades center around trigger response and in most cases downgrading the FPS below 350.

I personally enjoy working on airsoft guns as much as I do playing with them, but this however does not leave me with many stock guns (I think the extent of my stock gun collection is a TM Glock with a broken slide and nozzle which I am using for the odd part).

However I am really interested in coming to experience TTAC sometime soon, hopefully with some other F242 guys. Perhaps ill see about getting my hands on something stock.
New players are chronied. Chrony is not required. If your gun is found to be shooting over 350, it will be forfeit, or you will be asked to leave and not return. If you don't know what your gun is shooting, ask to chrony, we are more than happy to oblige.

Stock guns are not required. There are a lot - a lot - of tricked out guns at TTAC3. The only requirement is sub 350fps with 0.20g BB's, semi only fire, for safety. 350fps hurts at point blank with no minimum engagement distance. Higher than that and we see a lot more blood than usual. There is still blood at 350.

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