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Interesting. I have found that most stock guns come shooting well over 350 these days, A few recent purchases even came in at 450. Does TTAC chrono the stock guns that are brought by players?

Most of the upgrades I do out of the box to an AEG are aimed at getting it as close to a stock PTW at a highly reduced cost, rather than upgrading the FPS. For an indoor gun all these upgrades center around trigger response and in most cases downgrading the FPS below 350.

I personally enjoy working on airsoft guns as much as I do playing with them, but this however does not leave me with many stock guns (I think the extent of my stock gun collection is a TM Glock with a broken slide and nozzle which I am using for the odd part).

However I am really interested in coming to experience TTAC sometime soon, hopefully with some other F242 guys. Perhaps ill see about getting my hands on something stock.

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