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Originally Posted by Jimsbeanz View Post
So i recently got my hands on a KA P90 and mounted my eotech 551 on it but when i tried to adjust the elevation to match where my shots were going i couldn't depress the reticle down far enough!

Tried turning the hop up all the way up yet i still had to aim a fair bit higher than the sights position to hit what i wanted

The rail does sit quite high up from the barrel. Is there a way to get my reticle depressed more or do i just need to get another RDS to be able to zero my shots?
From how far away are you trying to zero your gun?
As lurkingknight said, its a height over bore issue. Its just the nature of the weapon's sights and happens when you are shooting at a target in very close range. The aiming technique often used to adjust to this is called a "hold over". Basically, you aim high to make up for the physical limitations of the sight.

The only other option i see is either new sight that sits lower or an angled rail.

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