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Amazing that topics like this keep coming up. Oh, and Erik, give your head a shake. Why would you persist in your arguement in the face of all the valid points to the contrary?

I am constantly amazed by the response of some people when they keep insisting that something should be possible, even though the majority of posters here have pointed out why it is a very bad idea. If you are so confident in being able to smuggle (which is what you recommended), why aren't you doing it at every opportunity? Bringing airsoft into Canada without the necessary permits IS illegal. It is smuggling, plain and simple. Get caught, quite possibly go to jail, not to mention having the offending articles siezed. And forget about getting them back by appealing the siezure. It will not happen.

So, to the fellow that started the thread, follow the more sane advice proffered by the majority here.
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