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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
I use Guarder stuff because it was easily available and somewhat reasonably priced. I'd say with the Lonex it's probably better to keep it as it is. BTW although I do have a Guarder 6.02 tightbore I would recommend if it's easily available to get something like a Prometheus 6.03 even though it's a lot more. Even though it's an upgrade (compared to my stock 6.08) I'm somewhat happy with it but I know there's better out there, plus the 6.02 is very tight and you could jam (also, for accuracy according to someone I was talking to 6.03 was better than 6.01 and the 6.01 is only to get a tight seal so you can get higher FPS, but then again you could just as easily do a spring change to get the same effect).

BTW if you need a 20" M4 Outer barrel for your DMR project I've got one, check the classifieds for my thread for more info.

My experience with Lonex hasn't been that great. I bought the drop in gearbox and the plastic teeth of the piston stripped after a couple test shots. Before that my friend had some Lonex gears strip after 50 shots with perfect shimming. I do like there barrels a lot. I'm awaiting an A1 motor and I'm curious to see how it lasts.
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