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This thread is so damn old CA is still considered high grade O_O
CA; shiny ass plasticy paint on the M4 receivers, made of weak pot metal, the 249s are notorious for losing parts, A&K who cloned their 249 actually makes a better box mag, their mechboxes aren't fully TM spec in bushing placement, weaker mechbox shells, quality goes up and down depending on how their sales are doing, notoriously some of the least reliable internals.
Let's everyone be honest, they make only half decent guns and the only reason CA was ever popular is because they had the only decent full metal bodied guns on the market 4-7 years ago, the only decent MP5s, the only metal G3s, and the only marui compatible 249 (anyone remember TOP? and STAR's clear plastic LMG mechboxes?). I'd rather buy a G&G M4 these days.

I'd move STAR to low grade (I've been in a few, they're REALLY bad) and CA to mid at the very most
ARES and A&K at the bottom end of mid

marui can be argued....they're high quality in terms of stock reliability, but too expensive when you consider it's performance limitations. Costs a new gun to upgrade to a metal body and going above 350fps costs a new mechbox shell.

Add realsword to high quality, they're tanks

and whats everyones opinion on LCT? Their bodies are excellent but I know nothing of their stock internals

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