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Originally Posted by Erik_james
Well airsoft guns are not illigal. So your not bringing anything illigal into Canada. if it was real firearms it would be a different storie. You could simply declare your aeg as a bb gun or some kind of electronic decice. and you wouldent be lieing so if customs did happen to find it they cant charge you. I did something similar when crossing the boarder from the states to the us. I brought back solid plastic abs knuckles. I checked out the crimminal code of canada and it clearly said "brass knuckles" are illigal if they consisted of a band of metal with hole's for which the fingers fit over. So I printed it out and kept it in my pocket so when I got to customs if they did happen to find the knuckles on my carrie out luggage (the luggage that sits under the cockpit) that I was not bringing anything illigal into canada. But nothing happened. I got everything into canada without a hitch.

Also dont people in the us need there airsoft guns marked with a orange barrel tip? so if customs did infact find your friends gun they would see that it has a orange tip and probably inspect it and realize it's just a toy.

Seems like you have done this before. You obviously realise what you are talking about and you must know the law really well too....
Good Luck!

From here on you should listen to ToRN , I'm just me and I don't know ToRN , but I support his call.
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