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cheap grande pins.

*cheap Grenade pins*

hey guys just reading some posts and every now and then i see people asking how to not loose the pin off there tornado grenades. well better than a way to not loose them is a way to not have to worry about loosing them IMO. after loosing my first grenade i was going to try and order a new one, but instead i just made my own for very cheap.

for just about $4 you can pic up 50' of 16GA galvanized steel wire from Canadian tire (or 100039304 other places) and just cut a few and bend them into shape. even better what i did is made a pin that is stuck to my grenade pouch so when i use one had to pull out my grenade the pin is pulled and the nad is ready to throw saving time + one hand.

thanks for reading guys hope i saved someone money and most of all precious seconds while in combat.

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