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Originally Posted by ToRN
The problem with what you said is not the legality of airsoft, it is the problems that come from hiding anything from a customs agent, as well as the fact that you told someone on a public forum to conceal the existence of the gun by hiding it at the back of the truck, thus making you look like you are doing something wrong, so you will be treated as such.
I wouldn't put it in the front seat.

I would break it up and store it with my other electronic stuff. What can they say? All these parts once put together will resemble a gun. What part of the gun would they seize? Hand grips are not illegal. mags are not illegal mechboxs are not illegal. They going to take the abs body and claim it is a replica? They going to spend 10 hours at the border trying to reassemble a heap of abs parts and bolts.

Just a thought.
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