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Originally Posted by lurkingknight View Post
internals are shit on the sportline. sometimes the body is not the same either, but sometimes it's good... handle both to know for sure. If you are going to gut it out of the box and upgrade everything, then the sportline isn't bad if you get a good body.
I have to correct the quoted post.
I just worked on one of the CA SCAR - L Sportline's that I sell. First time I have opened one up.

Customer has had it for about 5-6 months and he plays a run-n-gun style every weekend. I would say 25 or 30 thousand cycles on this box. Pleasant surprise when I opened it up:

Not like the Sportline M4's of the old days. Gone is the zinc alloy sector gear and the entire gearset is CA Labeled Steel. Gone are the blue plastic bushings. This has stainless bushings.
Black Nylon Piston
Black Nylon Vented Piston Head
Non-Linear Spring M110-M115
Blue Cylinder ported for M4 length barrel
16 gauge silicone insulated wiring
Good shim job
Metal Spring Guide
Trigger mech shows no burning - probably more a testament to full auto firing than the quality of the trigger contacts. Nonetheless, they are in perfect condition.
Trigger is zinc alloy and broke easily. Replacing it with a Element Steel Trigger
Other than the trigger, I would rate this as a gearbox that should last 75000 cycles if used at 350-400 fps with a maximum 9.6v battery.


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