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Originally Posted by Antikythera View Post
My issue with this is with all those out there who think they are the best players on earth and hit people everytime they shoot at someone. I just wouldn't appreciate being "investigated" when a player called me out for not calling a hit when his bbs were off target. Don't get me wrong I still like the idea.
But that's the name of the game. In sports everyone is subject to scrutiny of some description, and everyone should submit to it, this is where having a good reputation and honorable play come hand in hand.

No one is going to make a long standing judgement on you for one hit call. But if you get known as that guy who is impossible to hit, or constantly can't feel his hits, people will let you know.

I've played with guys close to the team who couldn't feel hits because of all the shit they were wearing, so we mentored them knowing they we honorable people, and got them to strip all the useless crap off their bodies (armor, padding, etc...) and now they run light and fast and can call their hits much more often.

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