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Just a heads up for everyone, cbsa (customs) is having issues with its employer and they cbsa workers are making life difficult for everyone importing airsoft into Canada. Work to rule. I had to contact my mla when cbsa agents refused to forward me any paperwork after they siezed my vector I bought from airsoft Taiwan whom I believe is red flagged with cbsa now. After 6requests to agents I contacted my mla and within 1week I got the paperwork. After 6months I finally have resolution and they have agreed to release the vector. Very slow process dealing with these people. Airsoft Taiwan is also ra-tech. Also I purchased several we pistols from a hongkong vendor which made it past cbsa, so that company was not on cbsa radar.

Source? Just airsoft related products? I'm not finding any sort of work disruptions on on their website.

Speculation; Figured they'd be hiring Student CBSA Officers about this time of the year. Inexperienced workers pulling articles aside for further inspection which would normally pass though without incident.
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