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While I like the intention with what you're trying to do, I really do but I'm not a race car or a marathon runner while playing airsoft. So thanks, but no thanks. The short term solution for cheaters is to go to games with reputable players and venues that don't have cheaters. At least that's why I try my best to do. I don't support venues that I've been to where I've encountered multiple instances of cheating without anything done about it. I don't have the patience for these people especially at games I host. It ruins the experience for everybody involved if that's allowed.

The long term solution is to do what Brian does is have venues with owners a low tolerance for that sort of garbage. While the overwhelming majority of the airsoft community is very honourable you're always going to need to weed out the bad apples. It's a given regardless of the event just some events/venues its much more blatantly obvious and rampant than others.

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