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Upgrades and Modifications

So I've discovered that the gun cycles the best when the bolt carrier and blow back assembly is kept at a bare minimum weight.

After trying many different parts I decided to weigh them all and give the most optimal performance setup I've been able to find so far.

This for those who are still using the green gas mags and not the CO2.

Here is the Crusader Steel Bolt Carrier, this is too heavy and slows down the performance of the gun tremendously. Also it is a very tight fit with any of the cylinders.

The TSC steel bolt head is worth the upgrade since it is much stronger then the original one from VFC. It is only 6 grams heavier which isn't much of a difference.

I like using the Crusader Cylinder as it is one of the smoothest cylinders out there for the VFC Mp5.

The FE one is a bit of a tight fit for any aftermarket loading nozzles, it is also heavier.

The FE Aluminium is one of my favourite loading nozzles out of all the ones out on the market. I have tried the clear Azimuth one before and that was no good. I had many jamming issues with that.

I hope these pictures give you an idea of how much each part weighs. I will keep on updating with new findings. :salute:
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