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I'm selective about who I let play at my place.. and over the years I have cultivated a reputation to ensure the cheats and scoundrels don't even bother to show up.

I have thrown people out a few times, and it always sends a clear message to everyone, screw around, ignore the rules and you're gone.

I'm certain that the same reputation prevents perfectly good and honest players from coming.. and that is the cost of being selective.

Places that throw the doors wide and let bad players participate without censure or enforcement will end up with a venue populated entirely with all the rejects and losers who no one else lets play at their venue. Good, honest people would rather sit at home than rub elbows with cheaters and scoundrels.

This is one of the key problems with walk on pay to play places, to keep the doors open and the place operating you need cashflow, cashflow comes from players playing.. so you are loath to come down too heavy handed lest you turn off your revenue tap.
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