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I was just bein silly.
I think for indoor places like UA and others its alot harder for them to turn forlks away cause at the end of the day they are running a company and have a lease/rent, hydro, gas and water to pay for along with staff and so on. I know the team i was talking about at the gibson is alrdy banned from UA and id imagine that is because it was either loose prety much the rest of their regulars or get rid of those 20 or 30 guys.
Fortunately the gibson is just sitting there racking up expense whether we play there or not so making money off of it (tho it will help to offset the costs of the owners) isnt the priority. The staff there have no issue with turning fokks away and 2 wer sent packing on the day of the test run. (one for full auto fire and i think the other was for not calling hits) and prety sure after a lil more discussion the team in question will also be put on the not welcome list.
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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