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The very first post I have for Hill437:
(edited out stuff that is not relevant)

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Been working on a new field and the concept is a bit different. This property is private, and the games are held by players who have vouched for each other for code of ethic, calling hits, respect.


.. If you have an interest in playing, and carry a respectful history within the ASC you can PM me for information.

If you have interest post "in" on here and pm me and we can discuss if this field is of interest and lines up with your goals.

__________________________________________________ _________

Amazing how stating the above, is a first check valve. I can say, most of the guys who wound up PM'ing were so easy to verify they were cool it was not funny.

Keep in mind, I have a lot of players who are not even coming from the ASC world either. Players who don't even know/care about ASC. Still, pretty easy to screen if you take the time.

I am in the middle of working with 8 brand new players right now. Unfortunately though, I am having to spend a bit of time going back and forth on al the gear requirements etc first, but meh...its worth it.

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