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Originally Posted by SuperHog View Post
Only the shooter knows he got his target out,
Not always true. One Wasaga game years ago, someone was shooting at me and yelling "You're dead, I hit you, your out, etc...". So I stood up and walked forwards in the open 10 feet and told him his shots were dropping 12 feet shy of where I was. He kept shooting but the BB's were still landing in front of my feet. Needless to say, Wildcard flanked him and shot him in the ass.

That same kid or one of his friends, at a later round, then proceeded to try and hide behind a log fence/barricade 20-25 feet from us where Wildcard and I dumped a dozen plus 40's at him, and we know he was hit each time as he flinched from impact and moved around cowering in fear. Unfortunately for him, his cover wasn't complete cover as it had big gaps to shoot through, but he continued to refuse to call his hits, so we kept shooting.
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