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Start with good ingredients and get good results.

I found there is a major difference between indoor games CQB blast and shoot, vs outdoor many hour games that are designed to have space.

Most of the the indoor wide open walk on are simply NOT filtered. Over time, you can try to filter in quasi methods, but when you are running something that basically anyone can show, you get what you get.

Refs and game control will help, but I can tell you, its still not a solution. It is a form of control but often when they step in, its AFTER the altercation.

Last winter we ran CLOSED games at UA. This came after the flare up of the jackass Asian dudes decided to show up and severely ruin an evening with well respected players.

Would "game control" help that? Nope. Not one bit.

So we rented UA, over and over and guess what. Zero issues. We had gentlemen engagement distances, but it certainly was not like we had the training wheels on. We WERE shooting each other and it was intense.

There was NO game control. 20-24 guys in a place that was not massive.

I think clamping down on the people who are aloud in is the absolute key to success. Is it easier to "fill" the place, ie PAY THE BILLS?


Look at my field. This Saturday we have a game. We only have 21 people. Most of the times we have 30-40.

Its an ASS PAIN to put this together, and let me tell you, I could snap my finger and open the place up to ANYONE and flood our field.

But the controls in place, to ensure the people coming are not assholes, is prohibitive to populating the place.

Its funny, I never got a pm from the Asian jackasses to play here. Wonder why?

You cant have it both ways.

"....Your life is ending one minute at a time..."

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