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I go to Whitby as my main game locale; and I hit up Ultimate Airsoft in Toronto when I can.

I don't mean to plug something, and I hope I don't piss anybody off; but I have a facebook group that I keep trying to drag people into to keep them connected. It's oriented to Durham Region airsoft players; it's called the Oshawa Deathmatch Community.

Technically it's open to Paintball and stuff too, but if it's not your thing just ignore it. (We're 90% airsofters anyways). <<< Anybody's welcome to join.

So yeah. Entry fee to Whitby Airsoft is $10, and you need to be 18+. Ultimate Airsoft I believe is Parental Supervision if you're under 18... UA is a little more expensive though. Entry fee right now is $25 on weekdays, $35 on the weekend, and until the end of august you're allowed to bring your own BB's (normally they require use of their own on-site BB's).

UA is 350fps hard limit.
Main: King Arms P90
380 fps, AEG

Sidearm: KJW Taurus PT92 (olive drab)
320fps, semi-automatic. Propane GBB

Oshawa Deathmatch Community -- An open facebook group for Durham/Toronto Airsoft players. Join the Forums as well
Come join!

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