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Hey everyone! I'm just getting into airsoft and I've got a few questions I was hoping you all could help me with.

First off I've played a few games at the local indoor field in Winnipeg just renting equipment and loved it! So I've just started buying all my own gear and I'd like your opinion on the 2 guns I've bought.

My first gun is a G&G gr 16 cqw rush blowback. I've added a foregrip and red dot to it but that's it. Anyone know anything about this gun?

As for my sidearm I went with the KWC desert eagle (c02). Also anyone's opinion on this one would be appreciated.

Also I'm just in the process of ordering a few extra mags for each of my guns and some other gear and I was wondering what most people who play regularly use for head/face protection and where the best place to buy that would be.

And finally I'm looking to join a team that plays regularly in the Winnipeg and surrounding areas to join. If anyone knows of a team looking for an extra I'd love to hear from them. Thanks!
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