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Exactly what i was tryin to achieve once it hurt them they called no problem for fear of being hurt again. I was the only one on my team rocking full ACU and after one shot to the face they wer sure to call every hit i sent at the cause they knew what would likely happen if they didnt call. The team in question has been entirely banned from ultimate airsoft and it is becoming prety obvious they are just going to continue to be an ongoing problem and most likely wont be welcom at the field again.
The same sort of thing happens often when im sniping. Ill take a shot way out at 300feet and because its only one BB the player will look at where theywer hit and readjust their cover as to not get hit again. Through the scope you can clearly see the reaction and you know you got the kill. So you throw another confirmed kill in your log and get closer. And as Lurking suggests you shoot em someplace a lil more tender. I like the hand,neck inner thigh or side under the arm. Or one of my personal favorite is when folks have full face protection is right in the goggles even tho they dont feel it you almost always get em to scream "holy shit!" or something along those lines that is always hard for them to shrug off.
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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