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Again lurking. I wasnt suggesting this was the best course of action and stated what the correct course should be. This team in paticular that we werdealing with was a super pain in the ass. Also i do assume they didnt feel the hit and give them the benifate of the doubt. Take the hit go respawn and return to the same location and shoot em again. I put 3-5 shots on the target i put em in the chest in the shoulder in the hand only to be shot at again. If the neck or side or leg was available to shoot at i would have used that but all that was available was half a chest one arm shoulder and hand and a helmet and half a face. So what is the soft spot to shoot? The face and what happens with one shot. A loud call of hit. I was aiming to prove my point that they wer blatantly not calling their hits. And i was proven right on 3 seperate players.
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