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Originally Posted by Rusty Lugnuts View Post
IN the bush continuing to shoot at someone who should already be dead- just gives away your position, cheaters suck and should not be tolerated -Stop the game get to the bottom of it.
not in this case.. we were assaulting .. everyone knew where we were

and how do you know who "should be dead" they are not hit till they call hit.. people should not be given the option to shrug a hit.. it's hard to shrug em if they don't stop.

Most people who end up feeling cheated.. did it to themselves by assuming that the other guy felt the hit. If this was real you would not stop shooting till that threat goes down and stays down.

This is a game of honour, you must operate under the presumption that the other guy is as honourable as you are, that if provided with the proper stimulus they will perform in the appropriate way. You job is to provide the appropriate stimulus.

I have witnessed cheating.. we all have but what a lot of people call cheating is actually just someone who did not feel the hit.. and another person who assumed they did.
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