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There is no need to shoot people in the face.. the thigh hurts plenty as well

This is how "cheating" normally plays out..

You shoot a guy.. see the bb hit a bounce off him.. then you move on to shoot someone else .. and the first guy turns and shoots you.

who is at fault here? YOU ARE because you assumed that the guy you shot felt it.. and you did not confirm that the target was down before moving on.

This is how it should play out..

You see the guy,, and you begin to shoot at him.. and you continue to shoot him until such time as he calls hit and puts his hand up and lowers his gun. At this point you KNOW he is hit.

This exact situation played out just this past weekend..

I had a short squad on the move through a forest road.. we took fire from the right side.. we turned and assaulted in the direction of the fire and found and shot the shooter. Then almost instantly another shooter opened up to our left. Again we turned to the fire and assaulted. I was in the advance with a guy to the left and right of me, we all saw a guy hunkered down by a tree and we all engaged him. He did not move. I was shouting LOUD to assault and move through the contact and we had 3 submachine guns firing at the same time at this guy, it was LOUD. We did not hear him calling hit.. he was... but he was not moving and he continued to have his weapon pointed in the direction of the rest of the squad.

We continued to POUR fire on him.. till finally he screamed HIT HIT loud enough ( at this point we were pretty close to him .. within 20 feet ) and raised his hand... At this Obvious indication of his condition we stopped firing.

He was in that moment, pretty mad at us.. he probably got hit with 20 rounds or more. But I explained that we were not certain he was hit, as he continued to hold a threatening posture and we did not hear him call hit.
There was doubt .. and when there is doubt there is no doubt you need to shoot more.

If you take things in this way.. you encounter practically no "Cheating" but you do deal with a few people who are mad for getting shot at a game that is about getting shot ( kinda like complaining about getting wet at a swim meet)
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