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so you are willing to cause someone a permanent injury because he's being unsportsmanlike by shooting him in the face?

I don't care if you think he should be wearing face protection and it's his fault if he isn't. You are taking potentially a weapon with what can be seen as intent to injure to force that guy to call a hit.

That's a dick move, and that's dangerous and you're asking for a violent confrontation if not legal if you keep that shit up. What if you mistakenly shoot the guy in face that didn't genuinely feel the hit? What if you break some teeth? Are you going to pay for his dental? That's a can of worms there that brings you down below the level of a cheater.

He didn't feel it? he didn't call it? shoot somewhere soft that isn't going to do anything permanent. If he flinches and still doesn't call it, then you confront him about it, you don't escalate the situation by intentionally causing harm.

This is a game of sportsmanship and honor, where is that when you intentionally shoot someone in the face?
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