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Ask your friend how many of those guys in multicam and helmets went home with holes in their faces (prety much all of em who werent wearing face pro.
Because that group was 1 known player on ASC and plus 19 we the staff has decided no more plus 1's this way it is easier to keep track of who is who and who gets banned. A few of them including their "leader" (i say it like that cause he is the guy who said me plus 19)
After that they played once more. Called their hits and packed up and left. If they come again they will all have to make ASC accounts so they can be held responsible for their actions. If they do cheat and are id'd they will be sent home.easiest thing to do is call yourself out. Grab your kill rag walk right up to the fucker and get a good look make sure you know who he is ask him his name. Dont touch him dont yell at him dont call him names and report it to GC ghe rest will be dont by them. Remember we as players and volunteers and hosts all want to have fun chasing cheaters and kicking folks out sucks just as badly for us as for the ones who know they hit someone who isnt calling hits.we all want honest respectfull players on the field cause hell when we get the time we like to pop on the field for a skirm or two as well.
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Please note that I specifically mentioned indoor CQB.
I did not say outdoors.

The friend I talked to went to Gibson on Sunday.
Apparently there were a group of players that were wearing very
similar looking uniforms.
If you are playing against a team of 20+ players all wearing very similar
stuff, it is indeed difficult to tell each apart. If you goto a venue with 30+ players and most don't know each other, pure honor system can be difficult. In small CQB venues with 10 people, I agree this is not necessary.

350fps with 1 thin shirt on, is not equivalent as wearing thick clothes and
shooting 500 fps. I prefer responsible playing, not injuring each other.

Again, I am fully aware that the last point is controversial.

Another point for you to ponder:
Have to noticed that bank tellers have a badge with their name when doing client facing work? Have to noticed that some police wear badge numbers on their uniforms?
Have to ever thought how this could affect their behavior?
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Hectic....FFS start writing in coherent sentences!!!
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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