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Please note that I specifically mentioned indoor CQB.
I did not say outdoors.

The friend I talked to went to Gibson on Sunday.
Apparently there were a group of players that were wearing very
similar looking uniforms.
If you are playing against a team of 20+ players all wearing very similar
stuff, it is indeed difficult to tell each apart. If you goto a venue with 30+ players and most don't know each other, pure honor system can be difficult. In small CQB venues with 10 people, I agree this is not necessary.

350fps with 1 thin shirt on, is not equivalent as wearing thick clothes and
shooting 500 fps. I prefer responsible playing, not injuring each other.

Again, I am fully aware that the last point is controversial.

Another point for you to ponder:
Have to noticed that bank tellers have a badge with their name when doing client facing work? Have to noticed that some police wear badge numbers on their uniforms?
Have to ever thought how this could affect their behavior?
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