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Originally Posted by Havene View Post
It's because they seem like a pain in the ass you have watch them, buy a bag, a special charger, they can start fires (more easily than others), explode. Overall just overly complicated for a battery IMO. So that's why I would prefer a NiMH battery. Could you please help me find one on the website that would work with it? Because I don't understand airsoft tech at all... I looked everywhere (with my tiny airsoft knowledge) but am unsure what battery to get because, I don't want to get the wrong one for my gun.

You will need a smart charger for your battery whether it is NiMH or Lipo, it is extremely highly recommended that you never charge a battery with the charger that comes with the gun, those chargers tend to destroy batteries very quickly. I personally have an IMAX B6AC Pro smart charger and I would recommend it (or the non-pro version) to anyone in a heartbeat. It is a bit expensive but it is well worth the price.
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