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Solution to reduce cheating at indoor games

Solution to reduce cheating at indoor games

Hi all,

I had dinner with a friend today and the issue about cheating came up again.
It seemed to have ruined the day of a lot of honest players.
So I would like to propose the following for indoor CQB games.

Make every player wear a racing bib with unique number

racing bibs?

- What track athletes were during events/competition
- they can be plates or very big stickers
- should be able to uniquely identify players during event
- mandatory to wear during game - if taken off, player is ejected from game

Logistics suggestion:
* indoor game organizers purchase these bibs in bulk
* every player pays an additional $1-2 to cover expense.

By wearing this numbers during a game, if will be very easy to identify
a cheater. A player who identifies a victim does not even need to confront the individual. He just forwards the # of the player to the organizer.

Organizer keeps counts of complains.
We are all humans, so we can make mistakes.
As a result, submitted complaints for player "36" won't trigger anything
unless there are 2 or 3 (set by organizer).
If player "36" has multiple complaints from other players in a short
period of time, organizer will stop game and issue warning.
If player 36 receives another complaint, he will be booted off.
Player 36 can't even argue back to an individual, because there are 3
who filed a complaint

* easy to identify players during the game
* wearing numbers will make players more self conscious, and
hopefully adhere to the rules more

* you might not look too cool with numbers on front and back
But again, I personally don't care about looks.
I rather play an honest game.

Another suggestion:

Can we have CQB games where people don't wear vest or anything major
equipment on their chest? I would not mind games where players are wearing 1 T shirt only. Sometimes BB bounces off the rig, and target
does not feel anything (not meaning to cheat).
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