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SO confused about batteries...

So I'm looking to buy a gun but I have no bloody clue what all these different connectors are and which one the gun I want has (it doesn't say). I've seen standard deans, mini deans, tamiya mini, ect.... do they all work on any gun?

Also I have no bloody Idea what battery will fit in this gun

It's the King Arms M4 Tanker on toronto airsoft website.

If someone could please help me find a battery that would fit in this gun/work in it, it would be much appreciated. Here are some pics I found of the stock where the battery goes.

(I cant find the battery in the pic on

Also I know some LiPo might fit not sure which one though cause all the damn connectors. Please help me figure this out I'm so confused and new to airsoft.


Would much prefer if batteries listed are from

Also if possible would rather not use a LiPo

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