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G&G a standup company [Contest winner]

I won a G&G GR4 last November 2012. I am from BC Canada. G&G contacted me and I was so happy I had won. They told me they would ship me the gun via EMS mail service. I was concerned about importing into Canada and they drew up a letter stating the GR4 was upgraded to shoot 366FPS+ for Canadian laws. The gun got seized by CBSA for the reason it resembled a M4 assault rifle. I disputed the classification which took many moths to complete. The RCMP finally tested the GR4 in June 2013 and found the gun did not pass as it fired 350-360FPS after 10 shots. I was very sad as I had fought very hard to get this gun. I contacted G&G and told them about the news and they also were disappointed but told me they would assist me if they could., A week later I got a phone call from a G&G distributor in Canada and was offered a replacement gun. As they didnt have the GR4 I was allowed to choose another model. I chose a G&G M14 Veteran with Walnut stock. I received the gun within 1 week and am very pleased with the gun. It shoots very accurate and is very classy. I planned on giving the GR4 to my nephew, but since I did not receive it and I really like the M14 I bought a G&G CM16 AEG for him. The M4 is also a very nice gun and I will post up a picture when I give it to him. I am sure he will be very happy as I know I would have loved it when I was his age. Thanks for reading and thanks to G&G for being a standup company.

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