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Too bad I couldn't get more time off work, if I could I know I would be there.

Blacksheep Milsim has put on by far the best MILSIM's I ever attended in Airsoft. The TRG areas they aquire, the equipment available for use and missions provide the most realism enviroment I have ever experienced. High speed tempo Operation with many challenges physically and mentally will push your Squad. In doing so will make you a better Team.

These are SQUAD based events that encourage Squad integrity/continuity. Working as a Team as oppose to loan wolfing and walking back to a respawn. Fight as a SQUAD, Win as a SQUAD, Lose as SQUAD and more importantly Learn as a SQUAD. Team work is essential and meeting and working with other groups broaden your scope in Airsoft MILSIM.

If I hadn't already booked my time for Operation Sovereign Fury, this new Mount Site is what I would want to check out because the rules, regulations and Operation Tempo is proven by this game host.

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