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Operation Blacksheep @ Guernsey - 27-29 SEP - Wyoming, USA

For those of you who have heard about Operation Blacksheep @ Pine Plains conducted at Fort Drum, New York ---- here's the same event at Camp Guernsey, Wyoming.

Operation Blacksheep is a squad based, 24 hour, force on force, objective oriented continuous combat simulation. The area of operations at Camp Guernsey is huge with a MOUT site. FRAGO missions will be conducted outside the main battle area to adjacent training areas. This event will challenge you mentally, physically, tactically and spiritually! I promise.

Check it out at or on Facebook at Blacksheep MILSIM - Official. Registration is open and this is a Pathfinder event. Blacksheep Pathfinders pay a reduced rate of $150 for the life of the event at that venue. Don't pass up this opportunity to become a Blacksheep Pathfinder @ Guernsey.

Hope to see you on the battlefield. Blacksheep6
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