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Hey Everybody, I've been a member here for a long time but I've never really posted or participated, just used the forum for research. I'm gearing up to finally get into airsoft and figured it was about time I say hi. So hi!

My name is Jason, I generally go by Drunken Teddy because of a teddy bear tattoo on my arm, but since this is an old account it's under my old nickname. I'm 31, I live in Langley, BC, and I like long walks on the beach :P

I just picked up my favorite pistol I've seen yet and I'm stoked to go out and use it, it's a WE Samurai Edge Barry Burton GBB, which is now part of my small collection. I should be starting to get out to an event or two in the next couple weeks and hopefully a whole lot more to follow. Looking forward to meeting some of you in person!
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