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I don't know how you elitist pricks did it, but you've somehow made me one of you.

Forgive me in advance, as this may end up turning into a bit of a rant. But hey, maybe someone will see it and take some positive advice from a fellow noob.

I'm new (just waiting for the last of my kit to arrive), but all these cheap/lazy new guys you talk about confuse the hell out of me.

I like to think I've done pretty well. Of course there will still be plenty more to learn here and on the field, but I've got a good 8 months of homework under my belt, I've read every sticky (and god knows how many other threads), and I feel very confident in every piece of kit I selected. I basically wanted to make sure I did everything right the first time, and so I waited until I could afford to do that. I also definitely didn't want to be an under-equipped burden on the team.
That said, I simply can't comprehend why so many people are so prepared to ignore advice and cheap out. We've all tried things without the proper gear, and we all know that it's never as fun as it could be (or fun at all).

I get that some people are on a budget, but it seems obvious that between not being able to sell shit guns/gear and having to pay again to upgrade it will cost them more in the long run. If people had some patience and didn't insist on getting into games within a week of discovering the sport they'd have the time to do some research that would make this pretty clear (even though it should be anyway). Yes, that Ares G36 looks nice. Are you going to have a good time sourcing the proprietary parts for it when the shit internals go? No. Is it still going to be in the classifieds with all the other Ares G36s six months from now? Probably.
You wouldn't start skiing without gloves, racing without good tires, or airsofting without proper eyepro (HAHAHA, JUST KIDDING, APPARENTLY THAT'S OKAY BECAUSE IT SAYS ANTSY SO IT'S SAFE), so why get a vest with pouches that will fall apart when you try to squeeze your G36 mags into them? It's not elitism, or even the desire to not half-ass things. It's simple fucking logic.

Has the wait been killing me for the last 8 months (plus the time when I was underage)?

Have I been able to think about anything other than airsoft at work because I know I'll be ready and able to play by the end of next week?

Am I still happier knowing I've done my homework, and that I'll be able to enter the field properly equipped and ready to join the rest of the guys?
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i actually dont like COD. im more worried that airsoft will make me violent or messed in the head.
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