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We are tinkering with fps since we are a lot bigger then most facilities we have run some test and believe 350 to 360 max fps wit . 20 and Will possibly allow up to .25 on lower chronied fps. Guns ( before the bitchin starts ) keep in mind we have been testing this and with the size and length of most rooms and hall ways this won't be a Problem. Also all testing has been done with outdoor field rated fps so 400 to 420 by owners request to test for damage and what not and not a single person complained that being said we believe the fps limits put forth will not harm nor endanger anybody playing at the gibson. And that is the correct name btw! Also look for the sign up we are hosting a soft opening on july 14th. At a special rate of 30 dollars trust me when your done playing you will be asking us if we are mentally ill for only charging this special rate of 30 when we offer so much more then the average place. This will be to test how a milsim will take place in this facility our grand opening date will be the weekend of the 20th so stay tuned for that
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