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I could easily go into a rant on how awesome this facility is. But I won''s not my place.
However, the building itself lends character to any event run within it's walls. The two main floor's flooring is soft and creaky, with great spans of open hallway and huge rooms. The connecting stairwells are wide and not steep, allowing multiple access options from floor to floor. The basement is narrower, quiet, and in low lights is down right spooky....especially in the older parts of the structure.
I doubt that the roof or the courtyard would ever be used for actual play, but the courtyard allows for ample parking that would easily accommodate player parking needs.

The staging area plans are great and spacious, with players having access to power and working bathroom facilities....both of which are huge bonuses!!

You will not be disappointed by attending an event held at the Gordon. But keep in mind that this is a close quarters battle style facility so I'd strongly recommend full face protection, even with sub 350 fps velocities.

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