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The Well VSR clone are not very well made (pun intended). You will have to change the hop-up unit, as it has bad tolerance and the plastic they use for the hop-up slider will break really fast. The cylinder will bend after a few games, not all cylinders will fit well, might need some alterations to the receiver/plastic rings. The trigger unit is crap, the sears are made of soft pot metal and will wear out really fast. The hop-up rubber is unusable, it has trouble lifting .28g, and you will probably want to use .30g or .36g.

The stock piston doesn't seal well at all, it needs an o-ring change and you should drill port holes. Still won't seal well but it won't be a total train wreck. The bolt handle will last a year, maybe two, and will eventually break, because its not cast very well.

Overall, a terrible rifle. I would return it if I were you. There is a night and day difference in quality between the CA M24 and the Well VSR. Also, keep in mind that the Well VSR sells for 60-90$ in other countries, it is VERY overpriced in Canada.
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