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Originally Posted by Yuxi
Originally Posted by Nortus
I feel I should come out of lurking and comment here since I have actually owned this piece of gear and can offer some useful advice.

In all honesty, think about exactly WHAT you're going to be carrying and choose a rig that way. Carrying a shitload of CRAP on yourself ain't going to make you a better player. Sure, you'll look real neat in the staging area but.....well you get the point. If you don't need it, dump it. Think it will look cool on your gear if you carry it? It won't. Why? You'll be the first one hit because you're so damn slow muling it around.

Anyway, bought a Weesatch, thinking internal mag pouches would be cool and all. Sorta liked it 'cause of the modular pouches, but in fact, you end up wasting like fucking $300 more on the pouches than anything. Played a few games with it, didnt' like it at all. The rig just doesn't stick onto your body plus it's extra nylon weight.

Paraclete RAV or the Eagle CIRAS is nice and all, but then again, in airsoft, when do you need it to be QR?

The Eagle plate carriers, BHI STRIKE, or Eagle MLCS aren't terribly bad, but again, modularity = cool but also = more money.

If you're going to be carrying just mags straight up, and a few pistol mags on the side and maybe a small utility pouch, you can do what I did, get the Eagle SF chest rig, send it to Tiger Tactical, tell them to rip out the side utility pouches and add PALS webbing. BAM!! Instant modularity with the ability to carry up to 12 mags in a rig that sticks to your body, open at the back (so you have an option of hydration pack or not), as well as being overall very light and comfortable for the duration of the day/scenario.
Well in which case, it appears the best, fastest, and most high speed way to play airsoft would just be stuffing some highcaps in your pockets would it not? costs very little, makes you real fast, hard to hit.

The above format should maximize kills, be weightless and nearly costless.

Very true, but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop carrying my 13 locaps...

What I'm really trying to say is that not every single thing has to go on your chest rig/chest harness. (do you REALLY need a Surefire E2D for a day game at FR?..hmm)

You can shift some of that stuff to your duty belt (ie: pistol mags, holster). I find the current trend is to load as much as you possibly can onto a 2nd line, leaving 1st line barebone. What with internal holsters, hydration packs strapped onto the 2nd line, that leaves very little to put on 1st.

Hicaps make noise...and there's a huge difference between stuffing mags in pockets than having them in a basic chest rig in front of you.

Go ahead and go HSLD and "1337", just realize that airsoft and real combat ain't the same, nor are our physiques, and endurance the same as real soldiers. Hell, if I was my current 6'2" and 210 lbs, I wouldn't have any problems with gear fitment at all and I wouldn't have had to remove excess lengths of strap from the Weesatch.
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