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Originally Posted by Bigload View Post
Alright guys, picking one up tomorrow. Going to pick up the C02 Revolver as a side arm for kicks and giggles

Thanks for your help.

No more battery charging and mags maintenance!
The CO2 revolvers shoot close to 400 fps for the short ones to over 450 for the long ones. They make really bad side arms for snipers, as you have to be really careful with such a powerful side arms and cannot shoot people that are close to you. It is possible to mod them, but you are still left with only 6 shots. I would recommend you look for a pistol that is around 275-320 fps. This way you can engage from very close, inside the minimum engagement distance of your sniper rifle, without fear of hurting other players. Also get 4-5 pistol mags, it is likely that in some games you will end up using your pistol a lot more than your sniper rifle.
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