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Originally Posted by East Berlin View Post
UMM.. why are you telling me this useless information? I know how long I have been registered and I have researched the laws pertaining to airsoft on google. I am asking for personal experience, seeing as I have heard from some people they have succesfully imported airsoft guns in the past.

Also, in response to the other comment I am looking for the Browning Hi Power not the Colt 1911, which shoots over 366 fp/s and can be bought in stores. All I want to know is: does anyone on the classifieds section have this gun or will I have to go across the border to bring it in myself?
ok, buddy, importing airsoft is very hard, some people have successfully imported some but it was a fluke moment, that 366fps, i can assume that it was set for the retailers, who knows? if you bring back an airsoft equipment from the States, the CBSA have an x-ray machine and will scan as you pass by any booth and label you as a weapon smuggler, that is the worst case scenario. unless you can prove it shoots 366 fps, you will get charged for bringing a prohibited weapon
did you even read this?
does anyone on the classifieds section have this gun
Get age verified and find out, and by the way, you smell like a minor...
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